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Product Video Course - PRO

What is included?

✔️ 50+ Hours of Content
✔️ Affiliate Program 
✔️ Beginner Lighting
✔️ Advanced Lighting
✔️ Beginner Post Production
✔️ Advanced Post Production
✔️ 2 Free Months Music & SFX

✔️ Product Retouching
✔️ Advanced After Effects 
✔️ Professional Product Prep
✔️ Professional Food Prep
✔️ Marketing Tactics
✔️ Sales & Business
✔️ Client Management 

✔️ Homemade Gadget Tuts
✔️ Beginner Animation
✔️ Business Templates
✔️ Austen's LUT Pack
✔️ Incredible Community
✔️ Personal Support


What People Are Saying:

“Buying this course at the great price it is at for a lifetime access is a NO BRAINER! You have amazing high-quality work and this course will definitely be worth more than $325 in the future. Thank you for giving us all the opportunity to learn with you.”


“You are just the biggest inspiration for me! I've started doing product videos because of you, and now I have so much work to do that I had to schedule works for the next year, I love seeing your videos because it inspires me to be like you. Thank you for doing videos and sharing your content with us! You've opened my eyes to new opportunities and now I know what I want to do for the rest of my life hahah thanks!! I'm from Brazil, so you are inspiring people from all around the world.”


"Best purchase of my life. I'm a beginner videographer with only 6 months of experience. I'm just learning the basics from lighting to composition, etc. This course has helped me so much with having such a deeper understanding of everything. I honestly owe everything to Austen and his course. Could not have asked for anything better!"

Kourosh Izadi

“You’ve taught me to get creative with what I have at hand and use everyday objects. For example I use a rotating cake stand for product shots! Recently ordered a proper dolly though 😂”


"Quality, just pure quality! Austen's work speaks for itself! The course is nothing short of excellent, it's evident that he's poured the same amount of passion and love into it as he does with all of his shoots! And I'm so stoked to be included in the community he's created!"

Alexei Acosta

"I mean... pretty ridiculous so far...Truth be told, Austen delivered more than the value of this course in his YouTube tutorials before he even launched it, but the value is like waves washing ashore...it just keeps coming. I've been in biz for about a decade and have been pretty successful - albeit NOT in product videography, but I've become obsessed with it after watching his content over quarantine and am incorporating this type of shooting into my regular project work. He nails the basics really well, but also provokes creative thought on set design and camera movement. I've been mega-disappointed by other courses...but AP's is dope - worth every penny, and more."

Damian Hanley

“I am a vfx student, but by seeing your tutorials I got inspired and motivated to start videography and start giving it my most of the time. I shoot product videos by learning from you. Thanks Austen for sharing your knowledge with us. I learn so many techniques and editing tricks. Thank you 🤩”